Netgear Arlo Pro 2

Costly but professional cameras for the home

Smart home security is booming. Cameras have become smaller, easier to use and can now be placed anywhere without need for any sort of wiring thanks to Wi-Fi and battery power. Netgear’s take on this burgeoning market is the Arlo Pro 2, the successor to the already capable Arlo Pro.


Ostensibly similar, it boasts upgrades like 1080p video quality and activity zones. Arlo Pro 2 comes as a starter pack, which includes two cameras and a hub which needs to be connected to your router via Ethernet, and acts as a bridge for each camera. You can buy other packs with more cameras, or individual cameras if that suits your needs.


Each camera is fully waterproof (IP65 rating), so they can be mounted indoors or outdoors using the strong magnetic mounts included. Alternatively, they can be used freestanding on a bookshelf or work surface.


On the bottom of each camera is a small speaker and microphone for two-way audio. Setting up each of the cameras to talk to the base unit is easy, and once everything is synced it’s easy to control the whole system. Each camera can be individually labelled depending on where you use it and controlled using your chosen device. It’s worth noting that you can’t view the same live video feed on different devices — instead it auto detects you are logged in on one device and disconnects the other. On a single device you can view two live images side by side at the same time or expand just one of them to fill the screen. Although the field of view isn’t as wide as some security cameras, image quality is seriously good. Nightvision mode also gives a very clear picture after dark.


Arlo Pro 2 now comes with activity zones, enabling you to select only the areas of the video feed you want to receive motion alerts for (either push or email notifications), which is useful for avoiding false alerts. You can

also arm the cameras for certain times of the day or just turn off motion detection.


Like the original Arlo Pro, you also get an integrated alarm built into the base unit, with a 100+ DB output (it can be turned down via the app), which can be programmed to sound if motion is detected from a specific camera — great for deterring intruders.


In terms of additional costs, the free package gets you one week of video and support for up to five cameras. Should you need more there are Premier ($99) and Elite ($149) packages available.



An expensive system, no doubt, but if you’re serious about security, Arlo Pro 2 is one of the most advanced and capable systems available.


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